Tuesday, February 22, 2022

dreamcore/weirdcore aesthetic on witch house artworks?

The link between dreams thematic started on witch house music since the beginning of the genre, the Phantasma Disques compilations about Twin Peaks (tv serie mainly about dreams and parallel realities) and artists like Lke Radio, Pwin 山 Teaks, Enix Inri, Ghent, Omebi &▲NDRΛS was inspired in the early years by dreams and surrealism.

Recently finally arrives a sort of new tendence, some witchy artists added the dreamcore & weirdcore aesthetic as concept to their music artworks. Coincidence? Is maybe this a new direction for keep alive that old nostalgia to witch house old school early days of 2010 to 2012?  the magic, the seapunk waves, the smell of bizarre experimental vibes, the weird artworks with collages,,.. returned all these things to the witch house conjure??? or is just a momentary lapse in the evolution of this undead dark genre?

Only the future will tell us the history of witch haus / draghaus / haunted house / black house / witchy mansion or commonly named as witch house (thanks photoplane for your contribution to art).

what is dreamcore?: https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Dreamcore

what is weirdcore: https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Weirdcore


(2022) Humanfobia - Into The Nightmarecore (EP​)​:

(2021) Yaka-anima - Third Eye Dimension:
(2021) Veil of Thorns - Meaning Died Destroying:

(2021) deth_cheater - ☆RIB $NAP☆:
(2021) ƸȒƩƮǏƇ - In Pitfall: